Modern living in lively districts.

Modern living in lively districts.

By managing and developing properties around the railways in Switzerland's main economic hubs, SBB Real Estate is creating added value for the entire railway system, cities and the public. We build attractive venues in central locations, create space for all sorts of accommodation – from retirement homes to affordable housing and develop stations and their surrounding properties into lively districts. In doing so, we ensure that the buildings blend into their environment in the best possible way and that there are plenty of recreational areas nearby.


Atlas Stiftung
Wincasa AG
Westlink Tower
Atlas Stiftung
The Südpark retirement home in Basel is located right next to the SBB station in the district of Gundeldingen. The shell of the SBB Südpark building was ideal for meeting the living needs of its residents. The accommodation concept was implemented together with architects and designers to create a hotel-like infrastructure, apartments suitable for the elderly and a nursing ward. Its extremely central location, public transport links and shops within walking distance make it virtually ideal in terms of fulfilling further essential requirements.
Ivana Markovic
Wincasa AG
It’ll be really interesting to see the first tenants in the tower. I’m particularly fascinated with the idea of living in a skyscraper. The Westlink Tower is an exciting project, boasting a central location, distinctive architecture and unique panoramic views.

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Apartments planned for 2025
approx. 190,000 m2
Zurich and Eastern Switzerland region 2025
approx. 700 apartments
Mittelland and Ticino region 2025
approx. 300 apartments
French-speaking Switzerland region 2025
approx. 900 apartments