Lay the foundations for the future with us.

Lay the foundations for the future with us.

Lay the foundations for the future with us.

All Swiss stations are right in the city centre – at the heart of urban life. As lively hubs of a mobile society, attractive meeting places and modern shopping and service centres, stations and neighbouring properties are developing into bustling districts that will become even more important in the future. We offer leading Swiss firms and international brands a setting that meets their exacting demands. If you would like to get your idea on track in a promising place, we are the right people to talk to. We would be happy to give you personalised advice on all the locations and possibilities throughout Switzerland. No matter what kind of innovative ideas you have, we are looking forward to working creatively with you.
Zürich Oerlikon, Andreasturm.

Zurich Oerlikon

Zurich Oerlikon, Andreasturm.

It’s time to reach for the sky.

Total 19600 m2 office space.

Zürich Oerlikon, Franklinturm.

Zurich Oerlikon

Zurich Oerlikon, Franklinturm

Your future is in north Zurich.

Total 14800 m2 office space.

Zürich Schlieren, «am Bahnhof Schlieren».


Zurich Schlieren, «am Bahnhof Schlieren».

Shopping, leisure and living in Schlieren.

Total 2080 m2 office space.

Basel, MOH Meret Oppenheim Hochhaus.


Basel MOH Meret Oppenheim high-rise building.

A neighborhood outgrows itself.

Total 11752 m2 office space.

Winterthur, Stellwerk 2.


Winterthur, Stellwerk 2.

At the cutting edge of mobility.

Total 4490 m2 office space.

Liestal, Bahnhof, Aufnahmegebäude.


Liestal, station, station building.

A new dimension as gateway to the city.

Total 1206 m2 office space.

Thalwil, Talevo.


Thalwil, Talevo.

Quality of life with spectacular lake and mountain views.

Total 2000 m2 office space.

Zürich, Tiefenbrunnen-am-See.


Zurich, Tiefenbrunnen-am-See

Business premises overlooking the lake – directly adjoining Zurich Tiefenbrunnen station.

Total 3594 m2 office space.

Luzern, Village Luzern Rösslimatt – «perron».

Village Lucerne

Lucerne, Village Luzern Rösslimatt – «perron».

Lucerne’s first-class business location.

Total 13500 m2 office space.

Bern, Bubenbergzentrum 10–12.


Bern, Bubenbergzentrum 10–12.

At the cutting edge of mobility.

Total 4230 m2 office space.

Freiburg, Tour de l’Esplanade.


Freiburg, Tour de l’Esplanade.

At the centre of the future.

Total 4206 m2 office space.

Genf, Chêne-Bourg, Opale.


Genève, Chêne-Bourg, Opale

A new heart for the “Trois-Chêne” district.

Total 3927 m2 office space.



Geneva, O’VIVES.

Renewal of an urban district.

Total 5189 m2 office space.

Genf, Pont-Rouge.


Genève, Pont Rouge.

Creation of a vibrant new district at Genève La Praille.

Total 88500 m2 office space.

Lausanne Rasude, BA1 und BA2.


Lausanne Rasude, BA1 and BA2

At the cutting edge of mobility.

Morges, Quartier des Halles.


Morges, Quartier des Halles.

New construction project in Morges.

Total 9400 m2 office space.

Prilly Renens, Central Malley.

Prilly Renens

Prilly Renens, Central Malley.

Ein lebendiger Stadtteil entsteht im Westen von Lausanne.

Renens, Parc du Simplon.


Renens, Parc du Simplon.

A residential area in the heart of a lively city.

Total 18500 m2 office space.

Renens, Quai Ouest.


Renens, Quai Ouest.

A new life, a new city.

Total 5800 m2 office space.

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Office space planned for 2025
220'000 m2
Office space in the Zurich and Eastern Switzerland region 2025
110'000 m2
Office space in the Mittelland and Ticino region 2025
50'000 m2
Office space in the French-speaking Switzerland region 2025
60'000 m2


University of Teacher Education in Zurich
Lagerstrasse 2, Zurich
Ernst & Young
SBB Real Estate Development
Throughout Switzerland
Rolf Hirschbühl
University of Teacher Education
Having our 'own' station right in the centre of Zurich is a one-off. The raised Campusplatz, surrounded by state-of-the-art architecture provides our students with lots of space for relaxing and meeting friends in a sheltered courtyard. The sheer variety of businesses and users mean that the Europaallee is an extremely attractive place to learn and work.
Stéphane Muller
Head of Ernst & Young’s Geneva office
Pont-Rouge gives us infrastructure at a level of quality that is crucial to the development of EY Geneva’s activities. By being part of the creation of a new and ultra-connected urban hub, EY is stamping its identity on the city’s economic life. The building’s architecture also provides the necessary backdrop for launching an innovative office management concept that’s all about the 'workplace of the future'.
Christian Toso
Tenant acquisition
SBB Real Estate endeavours to ensure an attractive and balanced tenant mix to allow the development of urban districts that make intelligent use of space and are a great place to spend time. As well as housing and offices, we are also providing for educational, healthcare, shopping and gastronomy facilities so as to enhance the diverse mix found in the neighbourhoods of the future. So alongside extremely accessible and modern work spaces, you will have a welcome infrastructure that contributes to your daily well-being.

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