Zurich – Switzerland’s commercial capital.


Zurich – Switzerland’s commercial capital.

With its culture, nature and urban flair, Zurich is a small piece of paradise in the heart of Europe as well as being Switzerland’s most important economic, scientific and social centre. The excellent national and international connections, numerous leisure and relaxation opportunities and the city’s culture and dynamic urban development are some of Zurich’s most prized qualities. Many global service and technology companies have settled in the city. They appreciate Zurich’s outstanding infrastructure and the way in which the airport and Zurich main station make it one of the most important transport hubs in Europe.

Opinions on Zurich.

Mélanie Ursprung
Area Manager

In Zurich, Switzerland’s multicultural centre of business, we are playing an active part in shaping the identity of the districts to improve quality of life.


Zurich main station

Besides being the largest railway station in Switzerland, Zurich main station is a rail hub for trains from other parts of the country as well as the bordering countries of Germany, Italy, Austria and France. The shopping centre at the heart of the city on the River Limmat is open 365 days a year, from early till late, with all manner of pharmacies, restaurants, takeaways, convenience stores, services and shops.