Geneva Lake region – French-speaking Switzerland with an international flair.

Geneva Lake region

Geneva Lake region – French-speaking Switzerland with an international flair.

Home to around 1.2 million people and the two urban centres of Geneva and Lausanne, the Geneva Lake metropolitan region is one of the largest in Switzerland. Huge economic development is currently underway in the area. Here, SBB is implementing its largest real estate projects outside of Zurich by investing in attractive rental properties and shopping facilities. Geneva in particular has a strong international influence and thanks to this and the new LEMAN Express rail network is experiencing ongoing growth in its population and the number of people travelling through the city. In addition to a public transport platform, the development work in Geneva is creating new living spaces, a business and public facilities centre and jobs.

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Jean-Baptiste Rogasik
Commercial Real Estate Manager and Investment at Brolliet HER

Innovative and connecting projects in one of the most dynamic regions in Europe.

Geneva Cornavin station – a bustling centre of activity in the heart of the city.

Following a full renovation and extension, which was completed in 2014, Geneva Cornavin station has been transformed into a state-of-the-art, architecturally impressive service centre in the heart of the city. It is a hub for public transport for both the city and the entire region. The 115,000 people passing through the station daily can take advantage of the various shops, takeaways and services, which are open from early morning to late evening 365 days of the year. The high footfall through the station is another important reason why our partners choose this location and we hope that it will convince you of its potential as well.