Renens, Parc du Simplon.

Renens, Parc du Simplon.

Renens, Parc du Simplon.

  • Offices
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Residental
  • Food and beverage

A residential area in the heart of a lively city.

The "Entrepôts" sector owned by SBB lies close to the Renens railway station and is currently used as a logistics centre. The project calls for a transformation of the district with new homes, offices and commercial space. Two buildings will house the new offices of SBB, which are currently in Lausanne.


Floor area
78 000 m²
Plot area
35 000 m²
Main usable area
45 500 m²
18 500 m²
Retail & services
4 000 m²
23 000 m²

Sustainability at SBB Real Estate.

SBB buildings are planned, constructed and operated in an energy-efficient, resource-saving manner, with a focus on comprehensive sustainability standards.




Olivier Pittet
Project manager
Cindy Monneron
+41 51 285 09 71


Rue du Simplon
1020 Renens

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