Bellinzona, industrial workshop area.

Bellinzona, Areal Officine.

Bellinzona, industrial workshop area.

  • Residental
SBB is developing the SBB industrial workshop area in Bellinzona in collaboration with the city. The site (12ha, of which approx. 7.0ha SBB and approx. 0.5ha city and canton) is to become more attractive and diverse in terms of urban development. The goal is an economic, condensed project with sufficient free space for the general public. The area around the railway station will be upgraded with passenger-oriented public services.


Floor area
120 000 m²
Plot area
70 000 m²
Main usable area
102 000 m²
82 000 m²
Industry, commerce and trade
20 000 m²

Sustainability at SBB Real Estate.

SBB buildings are planned, constructed and operated in an energy-efficient, resource-saving manner, with a focus on comprehensive sustainability standards.




Massimiliano Sapio
Project manager


Viale Officina 16 / Via Pedemonte 3–5
6500 Bellinzona

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