Basel, Areal56.

Basel, Areal56.
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Basel, Areal56.

Pure urbanity.

In Volta Nord, the underused former freight site is becoming an attractive urban quarter. Areas that are little used today are being consolidated and developed for high-quality commercial spaces. In addition, urgently needed apartments are being created. Thanks to urban development, the underused Lysbüchel site will be able to reach its full potential. The development plan, with its green spaces and parks, significantly increases the quality of stay for the quarter’s current and future users. The new economic and living space Volta Nord is in the making.


Floor area
103 000 m²
Plot area
65 000 m²
Main usable area
80 200 m²
Industry and commerce
33 000 m²
Services and commerce
20 000 m²
27 200 m²



Anja Krasselt
Project manager
+41 79 352 12 88


4056 Basel

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