Centre Loewenberg.

Centre Loewenberg.
  • 13 September 2016

A unique investment property in an idyllic location in Murten, Fribourg.

SBB is looking for an investor in its renowned training and conference centre in Murten Loewenberg. The company will sell the space as part of a sale-and-rent-back scheme and then rent it long-term.

SBB has been operating its versatile Loewenberg Training Centre on the outskirts of Murten (FR) for over 30 years. The sprawling park with its ancient trees measures about 118,000 m2. Numerous artworks and the historical estate buildings really make for an extraordinary site. Its ‘very own’ train stop, Muntelier-Löwenberg, is a stone’s throw away and the large parking area is only a few hundred metres from the Murten motorway exit. The lake and the historical old town are both within walking distance.

The Loewenberg Centre houses a variety of training facilities, for example a signal box for training and 30 multi-functional rooms for up to 200 people, which are perfect for classes, conferences or workshops.

The Centre’s restaurant can cater for up to 300 guests. When the weather is nice, the additional seating on the terrace is especially popular. The lower level’s large, recently renovated recreation room complete with pool tables provides the perfect place to enjoy yourself. There is no need to make any hotel bookings for workshops that last several days as up to 192 people can stay overnight in the two accommodation buildings. The single bedrooms feature contemporary amenities such as a bathroom with toilet, TV and space for working.

The training centre occupies seven buildings; the main building and reception, workshop, teaching workshop (newly constructed in 2010), restaurant, two accommodation buildings and a club room. They were built in the so-called modular system by Fritz Haller and promise to be imposing witnesses to this architectural period. The two circular accommodation buildings are particularly striking and catch the attention of the passengers in the trains going by.

Historical country estate included

The real landmark of the site is Löwenberg Castle, which gives its name to the centre. It was built in the 15th century and has been extended and developed in different construction phases and architectural styles over a period spanning four centuries. The impressive manor house also features an orangerie that dates back to the Belle Époque, a three-storey farmhouse complete with greenhouse, a stable and a wine press. SBB purchased the estate in 1973 from the Rougemont family, who had owned it for many years.

Would you like to know more about this extraordinary property for sale? Mathias Rusch will be happy to provide you with comprehensive sales documentation and will be on hand to answer any further questions. Mobile: +41 79 288 28 12; mathias.rusch@sbb.ch.


Centre Loewenberg

The Loewenberg Centre including the teaching workshop (bottom left), castle, main building (centre) and accommodation buildings (right).

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