SBB AR Preview App in Google Play Store available.

  • 8 April 2019

SBB AR Preview App in Google Play Store available.

As part of “My Smart Station Zurich HB” SBB tested in collaboration with Google through the SBB Augmented Reality AR app customer engagement of the future. The first version of the Preview App is now available on the Google Play Store for free to be downloaded.

With the Preview App “SBB AR” tests Augmented-Reality technology for better orientation and journey planning at the main station in Zurich. The goal is - thanks to AR technology - to show travelers relevant and current information at the exact location where they need them and thus, simplify the orientation in the train station. The app provides an orientation help for public transportation around the train station: For instance, when leaving the train station, point your smartphone camera towards the bus and tram stations and you will see where and when your connecting bus or tram is departing. When the camera of the smartphone is for example pointed on the departure screens, customers receive detailed information such as stops or waggon crowdedness of the respective connection. This App is currently available for ARCore-compatible Smartphones and is based on Google AR technologies including ARCore.

The Preview SBB AR App was launched as part of «My Smart Station Zürich HB». The goal is to receive as much customer feedback as possible in order to optimize and develop new functionalities based on those new insights.

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