Opening of Smart City Lab Basel.

  • 9 April 2019

Opening of Smart City Lab Basel.

Today, the Canton of Basel-Stadt and SBB opened the Smart City Lab Basel at the Wolf site. The lab gives partners from the worlds of business, science and management the opportunity to develop and test out innovative solutions for the city of tomorrow and to improve the quality of life and competitive edge of Switzerland as a whole.

The Canton of Basel-Stadt and SBB are working together on the future and want to shape the mobility and the cities of tomorrow. Cooperation and connections with other partners are at the heart of this collaboration. By 2024, the Smart City Lab Basel will offer around 160,000 m2 of space for Smart City pilot projects and will bring together ideas, knowledge and people with the aim of joining forces to tackle current and future challenges.

Space for smart ideas and projects.

Innovations are born when different players work together, drawing on their skills and expertise. The Smart City Lab Basel connects partners from the worlds of business, science and management as well as interested members of the public to form a community. They experiment, learn from one another and develop new ideas or projects for a smart district and provide impetus for a smart Switzerland of tomorrow. In terms of the topic, the focus is on mobility and logistics. The lab is open to further pilot projects and topics that will improve quality of life and satisfy high quality standards. New and exciting ideas and innovations that reduce resource consumption and generate considerable added value for the urban population are in demand. The pilot projects are being funded by the various partners of the Smart City Lab Basel. In return, they get the chance to connect with other companies, expand on their ideas and projects together and test out their application with a broad audience. Projects can be submitted at

From the lab to the rest of the world.

Initial partnerships and pilot projects on mobility, city logistics, light control, energy, traffic counting and 3D data are already in place at the Wolf site. These companies organise, for example, a city-friendly supply of goods through optimised transport systems, provide or identify an IoT platform with integrated light control and count more than ten different vehicle classes with precise area lasers. All existing projects feature interfaces for further pilot projects and partnerships and provide impetus for new ideas and for networking. The lab facilitates cooperation amongst businesses as well as with the worlds of science and management. Smart solutions are brought to life for the experts and interested members of the public and discussed with a broad audience. Scalable solutions that present major added value for the population thus feed into the development of districts, cities and Switzerland as a whole.

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