Focus on the Ticino region

  • 13 January 2020

Focus on the Ticino region.

The opening of the Ceneri Base Tunnel in December 2020 will bring Ticino closer together. Journey times between Locarno, Bellinzona and Lugano will be halved and passenger numbers are expected to double.

SBB Real Estate is pushing forward various projects in the Ticino region and is developing new neighbourhoods around the stations. This will generate attractive multi-purpose real estate for housing, offices, education, health, industry and logistics.

Information on the Ceneri Base Tunnel.

Website Ceneri 2020

Overview of projects in Ticino.

About the project

Bellinzona, industrial workshop area.

Ticino region

SBB is developing the SBB industrial workshop area in Bellinzona in collaboration with the city. The site (12ha, of which approx. 7.0ha SBB and approx. 0.5ha city and canton) is to become more attractive and diverse in terms of urban development.

About the project

Castione, NSIF - new Industrial Centre for Railway Technology.

Ticino region

SBB is working to build the new maintenance facility in Castione, NSIF (New Industrial Centre for Railway Technology). The innovative new building will be used for light, modular and heavy maintenance of rolling stock.

About the project

Locarno Muralto, Locarno station area.

Ticino region

The site of the current P&R and the bus park at Locarno railway station is to be newly zoned. The plan is to establish the following elements in stages: Replacement of the existing commercial areas at the new bus terminal, extension of the commercial areas in the central part as well as a new 2-storey car park and apartments.

About the project

Lugano, south railway station.

Ticino region

There is currently a P+Rail on the site. This does not exploit the full potential for this zone. The prime location of the “Terrazza del Ticino” would make it suitable for further commercial areas and for the construction of residential units with mostly unspoilt views. The removal of the parking spaces on the surface creates an opening for public space.

Bellinzona, Indipendenza.

Ticino region

The “Fermata Piazza Indipendenza” stop near the Castelgrande in Bellinzona is to be built by 2026. The urban planning study shows the possibility of a residential development with a certain amount of business.


Factsheet Bellinzona, Indipendenza (PDF)

Chiasso, train station and surroundings.

Ticino region

The present project will upgrade the historic station building, in particular the central atrium. In addition, the two buildings Posta italiana (PI) and Posta svizzera (PCH) will be demolished and a new building will be constructed as a motorcycle parking area.


Factsheet Chiasso, train station and surroundings (PDF)

Chiasso, Piccola Velocità.

Ticino region

The former Piccola Velocità general cargo handling area in Chiasso is located in an island position between the tracks. The site is no longer relevant for rail freight
traffic, and the poor access for trucks precludes development as a warehousing area.


Factsheet Chiasso, Piccola Velocità (PDF)

Mendrisio, Railway station.

Ticino region

SBB Real Estate is working together with the canton to renovate the stations and surrounding areas and to build bus stations for regional traffic. The University of Applied Sciences is now being established on the opposite side of the station.


Factsheet Mendrisio Railway station (PDF)

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