SBB FastLane – no more waiting: order food in advance, pay for it, and then pick it up!

SBB FastLane – no more waiting: order food in advance, pay for it, and then pick it up!
27 November 2018, Philipp Leimgruber in conversation with Karolina Tomovic.

SBB FastLane – no more waiting: order food in advance, pay for it, and then pick it up!

 The new «SBB FastLane» service has recently been added to the «My station» app for use at Zurich main station. The app allows users to order food and drinks in advance and then pick them up – all in a fast and easy process. I asked the SBB FastLane project manager, Karolina Tomovic, how the service works and what customers have been saying about it.

What is SBB FastLane?

SBB FastLane is a pilot project that’s part of our «My Smart Station Zurich main station» initiative. More specifically, it’s a Click&Collect service in the «My Station» app for use at Zurich main station. Those who use SBB FastLane can order and pay for food and drinks from various take-away outlets in advance and then go to the stores to pick up their orders – without having to wait or stand in line. Many people may already be familiar with a similar service offered by Swiss Post known as «Pick Post», which allows customers to go online and select in advance when and where they wish to pick up their parcels.

How exactly does SBB FastLane work?

To use the service, you need to download the «My Station» app or update it if you already have it. You also need to register and store your credit card information when you place your first order. After that it’s simple: You simply select SBB FastLane, choose the product you want from the range, enter your pick-up time, and pay using your stored credit card information. Then you go and get what you ordered and you’re done. And if anything changes, you can also amend or cancel your order up to 15 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. 

What types of food can customers order?

SBB FastLane has something for everyone. During the initial phase of the service, you can place orders with the following outlets in Zurich main station: Brezelkönig, Caffè Spettacolo, Il Baretto, Hitzberger, Nordsee, Rapido, Rice Up!, Sora Sushi and Yooji’s. In other words, you can order just about anything – from sushi or burgers to coffee. Each outlet participating in the scheme can offer ten products during the pilot phase. Other interested businesses in Zurich main station will be able to start joining up in January. The pilot phase will run until the end of April 2019, and if it’s successful we’ll roll out the service to the other big stations Basel, Bern, Geneva and Lucerne.

What are the biggest challenges with this project?

We had to find out whether people would even use such a service, as well as how to make the app’s ordering and payment process as quick and easy as possible. Figuring out a way to signpost the «FastLane» pick-up point in each outlet also presented a challenge because neither we at SBB nor the outlets themselves had a standard design concept for this type of joint service offering.

You tested the first prototypes in the SBB Sandbox and with a small community. What did you learn from that?

We found out that we’re basically on the right track and we were also able to make several adjustments on the basis of the feedback we received from customers. As a result, registered customers now make two fewer clicks in the app when they order, for example. It’s also now easier to find the outlets in the station, as it takes only one click to call up the interactive station map. We also found out how important it is for customers to be able to see the actual pick-up point in the outlet.


The following video shows how SBB FastLane works.
SBB FastLane – no more waiting

SBB FastLane has something for everyone.

Creating a positive customer experience and improving the quality of time spent at the station – these are the two main objectives of the «My Smart Station Zurich main station» project. SBB FastLane marks another step towards creating the most digital and personal transport hub in the world. This is the aim of the bet made in the Digitalswitzerland Challenge, which will run until April 2019.

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Karolina Tomovic.
Karolina Tomovic.
Karolina Tomovic manages the «My Smart Station Zurich main station» project at SBB. She is also part of the conceptual station management team and is responsible for improving the quality of time spent at stations. Karolina graduated from the University of Fribourg with a Master of Business Administration with a focus on strategic management, information and communication technology, and European business.

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Philipp Leimgruber
Philipp Leimgruber
Philipp Leimgruber is overall project manager of My Smart Station Zurich. Previously, he worked in the SBB Passenger Traffic corporate development department and was Product Owner of the SBB Trip Planner app. Mr Leimgruber has a doctorate in social sciences as well as further business administration qualifications et al in Innovation- and Changemanagement and is a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.
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