SBB Real Estate is managed across three portfolios: stations, investment properties and railway production.

In order to optimally align our business activities, we focus on enhancing the following three portfolios.
Railway production Stations Investment properties

Around 280 owner-occupied buildings and areas (Office workspaces, Service facilities, Rolling stock works, Engineering service stations, etc.).

Around 820 stations and stops.

Currently around 160 projects in the planning and construction.

We create value by providing attractive and effective workplaces and production areas.

We ensure comfortable and safe access to the rail system and transform the biggest stations into attractive service and mobility centres.

We develop the areas surrounding the stations and thus positively shape Switzerland's cityscapes. Rental income helps to ensure that SBB's profitability is sustainable and is thus a key pillar of the "valuable" SBB brand.

Railway Production portfolio.

SBB Real Estate provides SBB’s divisions with all of the buildings they need.From efficient maintenance facilities and workshops through to attractive office and production complexes and ultra-modern service centres. It currently manages around 280 projects – in line with market requirements and fit for the future.

Stations portfolio.

Nowadays, stations are the hub of public transport, encompassing all manner of different services under one roof. They are gaining in importance each day. We are geared towards our passengers’ needs, focusing on combined mobility as we continually improve our stations. Our portfolio currently includes around 820 stations and stops, for instance:

Investment properties portfolio.

SBB Real Estate further develops the areas surrounding its stations in a sustainable and needs-oriented way, thus enhancing Switzerland’s cityscapes. Income from leasing serves to secure SBB’s earning power in the long term, meaning that SBB and the cities and municipalities alike benefit from the increasing value of these plots.